The healing

Lying down and relaxed on a massage table, it is a work of liberation and fluidification of emotional charges, rebalancing of the body and vibrational harmonization.

  • Meditation to refocus, relax and ground
  • Relaxation, Harmonization and Rebalancing mostly with Reiki
  • Sound massage with Tibetan bowl and / or crystal tuning fork

Duration : 1 hour /  Price : 60€

What is sonotherapy?

Using the vibrations of the Tibetan bowl and the crystal tuning fork to help release energy knots and help relaxation and harmonization of the body. The sound vibrations reach your cells without the mental filter, facilitating the uncrystallization and the liberation of the blockages, while massaging you agreeably.

What is Reiki ?

Reiki is a healing technique whereby the practitioner channels and transmits energy to the consultant by laying on of hands to activate natural healing processes. It promotes physical, emotional and mental healing, and helps personal development.

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