Awakening space

The Awakening Space

Space for self-healing and experimentation of vibratory phenomena.

The Oracle of Stones

A stone or crystal card is drawn randomly for you. But as Einstein said, chance is God walking around incognito, so this card is not suggested for no reason.

Due to their vibratory frequency and their structure, the stones and crystals make it possible to support a current personal work, a cure, a change, an evolution. Depending on their composition, shape and color, the stones act on different parts of the body or extracorporeal bodies, behaviors, emotions, and therefore on different issues to work or qualities to support.

If you want a draw with a particular intention or for another person, formulate it and click on "New draw".

Oracle de Pierres

Reconnection to Pachamama

It is an effective way to ground temporary emotional or mental charges by reconnecting to the ground and to intensify the anchoring.

  • Uncross your legs and put your feet on the ground
  • Point the spiral to activate it
  • Let go

The sloth technique

This vibratory drawing is intended to relax and calm the mind, accompany you in a process of letting go and body relaxation..

  • Sit comfortably
  • Point the drawing to activate it
  • Let go