Bioenergetic healing

The healing session

Work that aims to heal your physical and emotional pain, release the blockages present in your body, as well as understand its origin to stimulate your self-healing.

  • Bioenergetic balance sheet to understand your current situation
  • Cleaning present charges and karmic memories
  • Awareness of the origin of disturbances
  • Harmonization the physical and subtle bodies

Duration :
Maximum 2 hours, the duration can vary.
Prices :
First time : 70 euros
From second time : 60 euros

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What is bioenergy?

It is an evolutionary healing technique developed by Stéphane Cardinaux and Catherine Anae Martin. Bioenergy enables you to establish an energetic balance of your body, to highlight blockages, pains, imbalances as well as karmic and transgenerational burdens (in other words, troubles inherited from our ancestors, it is by freeing ourselves from the past that we release our future).

The work consist in removing and clean disturbances encountered, and understand their origin in order to solve the problem at its source and avoid any recurrence.

For physical and emotional ailments (aches and pains, old or recent injuries, surgical operations, chronic and punctual illnesses, food intolerances, fears, anxieties, emotional undigested, non beneficial behaviors ...)

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