The assessment

Harmonize your apartment, house, business, office, land, therapeutic office or other living places ...

  • Assessment and analysis of each room or ground in the house or workplace (telluric lines, geopathogenic points, electromagnetism, faults, water currents, cosmotelluric chimneys, emotional charges, waveforms, entities)
  • Correction of negative phenomena

Price :
individuals : 80€ / hour
Companies : Quotation on request

What is geobiology?

Sometimes disturbances are not in your physical or energetic body but in the place where you live and work.

Geobiology can unseal the nuisances (physical, geological, electrical, magnetic, electro-magnetic, or otherwise) of your home or of your workplace and correct them. Once the harmful phenomena are fixed, the changes are also perceived by the inhabitants.

A place to live, whether at home or at work, is a vital space where you can normally relax and feel completely serene and safe.

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