Who am I ?


Originally from the south of France, I spent many years traveling, working and studying alternative medicine in different parts of the world.

Throughout my travels, I have had the opportunity to discover and be passionate about many holistic philosophies and techniques of energy healing. I finally felt the call to return to my roots, and the desire to practice in this country that is slowly opening up again to the world of the invisible.

"Every man is torn between two needs, the need for the Pirogue, that is to say, of the journey, of the wrenching of oneself, and the need of the Tree, that is to say of the rooting, of identity, and men constantly wander between these two needs by yielding sometimes to one, sometimes to another, until the day when they understand that it is with the Tree that one makes the Canoe."

- Melanesian myth of Vanuatu Island

Experience :

  • Initiation to the different levels of Reiki, up to the level of Reiki Master Teacher by Nicole Lee Coate. Healing. Healing House Cusco.
  • Zen-Shiatsu massage training by Maureen Santucci, specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Tai Chi, medicinal plants and Shiatsu.
  • Initiation to the 9 Inca rituals "Munay-Ki" while I was living in the mountains of Cuzco in Peru.
  • Training to master the aura reading technique with Steve Ramael in the spiritual community Piracanga, Brazil.
  • Tarot de Marseilles training by Emilia Paes de Carvalho, expert for more than 30 years in the art of divination in Sao Tome das Letras.
  • Training in Bioenergy by trainer-researchers Stéphane Cardinaux (architect, bioenergetist, geobiologist) and Catherine Martin (medium, healer) and bioenergetic geobiology by Stéphane Cardinaux in Switzerland.
  • Initiation to the Mankind Project - The initiatory adventure of the New Warriors
  • Training in Geobiology with Laurent Gachoud (geobiologist, bioenergetist, director)
  • Formation of the Spirit in Mediumship by Catherine Anae Martin.

Through all these tools I see a way to develop ourselves, to reach the infinitely large by the infinitely small, to understand our true nature and our mission. They are accessible to all and answer our most vital questions, the most complex ones in the simplest way. Thanks to them, we look at our universe with new eyes and we open the doors of our consciousness towards the light and healing. It is an honor to be able to share them with you.

- Victor